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Reliable Supply Chain Management Services

We provide assessment, planning, design, and implementation services to help clients manage the complexities of end-to-end supply chains.
Supply Chain Management

Reducing costs and improving revenues

You might have a complicated supply chain now. Our experienced Supply Chain Management team has been crafted precisely by our global professionals to help you meet your overwhelming logistics complexities that are only bound to grow with the world’s increasing demand for quality!

We’re here to guide your every step, from understanding your marketplace and customers to keeping an ongoing relationship with all of your vendors so that you never run low on products or are stuck in emergencies.

A well-designed supply chain can make or break your business

Let us help you get off on the right foot by creating a robust, impressive design that drives customers crazy while simplifying operations and increasing productivity. Contact us to learn more

Apex provides the following outstanding supply chain management solutions to customers around the world, covering all aspects of the supply chain from upstream to downstream.

  • Domestic distribution and operation
  • Staff deployment and infrastructure design
  • ISF compliance assessment
  • C-TPAT Security Specialist
  • AEO (authorized operator) security expert
  • Dangerous Goods / GHS Certificate and Training
  • Marine cargo and export credit insurance
  • Shabin Audit Review
  • Best Practices evaluation standard
  • Manage RFP
  • Risk and expenditure management
  • Warehousing and site selection
  • Inventory management practice
  • Business process development
  • FCPA (Foreign Corruption Act)
  • Logistics facility inspection
  • Document and letter of credit capabilities and training
  • Agency and distribution agreement
  • Cargo damage control
  • Risk Management
  • Education and training program
  • Purchasing transportation service
  • Evaluation of transportation services
  • Uniform code review
  • Cargo declaration / import and export packaging
  • ISA compliance audit review
  • Executive management service
  • Procurement management service
  • Legal and accounting issues in global trade
  • Warehousing (free trade zone and tax filing) and third-party feasibility study
  • Global technology assessment and implementation performance assessment