7 Tips For Streamlining Your International Shipping

Here are seven proven tips to improve your international shipping processes. Let’s jump in!


international shippingWant to grow your business beyond the local market, attract new clients, and increase your revenue? International shipping is a cost-effective and fascinating method to broaden your consumer market. However, shipping parcels outside of your home country necessitates a few more steps to ensure that your clients’ orders arrive safely. You may make your company a world-class leader in your sector by fine-tuning your worldwide shipping strategy.

Create a reliable transportation network.
Establishing partnerships with different shipping providers is a brilliant idea for various reasons. As shipping charges vary widely from one carrier to another, obtaining at least two to three quotations from reputable carriers is viable. Some airlines have particularly close ties to customs officers in specific nations; hence collaborating with them will bring more good to your shipment. Various shipping providers are more proactive than others in responding to quotation queries and scheduling parcel deliveries. Thus, partnering with multiple service providers will fulfill your customer deadlines effortlessly.

Insurance for overseas shipments.
International shipments are particularly at risk of theft and damage because they pass -through more hands and channels than domestic shipments. Securing international shipping insurance is the best step to ensure that your international customers receive their ordered items. Here are a couple of reasons to take insurance of overseas shipments:

  • In cargo fires or transportation catastrophes, parcels get destroyed
  • International lots are sometimes misplaced or routed to the wrong country by mistake
  • During the customs inspection process, packages are vulnerable to damage
  • Be assured of documentation and legalities.

Most foreign orders are dispatched with export documentation to help with customs clearance. The documentation requirements vary from nation to nation. However, a commercial invoice and packing list are required in most cases. A certificate of incorporation or vendor’s export declaration could be necessary to clear a parcel.

Never misrepresent the value of your shipment.
International shipping is a significant undertaking. Do not try to trick the system. If customs suspects your shipment is worth more than you indicate, it may be confiscated or delayed. Comply with the rules, and integrate tariffs and other product restrictions into your international e-commerce strategy.

Add a flair for Training and Counselling.
The global shipping process can be overwhelming for those who have never transported a package outside domestic borders. Fortunately, several industries organize free or pocket-friendly seminars to guide owners through the process of international shipping.
In addition, lifetime access to learning resources injects clarity and can ease your worries greatly!

No Negligence with the Norm.
As an overseas shipper, you should avoid shipping hazardous or forbidden commodities. For example, Air pollutants, perishable goods, dangerous substances, and dynamites. Non – compliance with international shipping regulations can result in various penalties, including the detention of products, steep fines, and even prison time.

Know the demand and dig deeper into your target audience.
Before shipping internationally, make sure you land in a product-fit market. “product-market fit” refers to matching a product or service to the correct target market. It might seem obvious, yet a product that performs in one country may fail miserably in another.
For instance, certain countries have nutritional regulations and preferences. And thus, providing a nutritional or a dietary product here is a clear chance of losing out. Thus, before you step out, you must have a precise analysis of your target audience. Your product plays well per their demand and preferences.

Get Set For a Global Trade!
Promoting your items internationally is a lucrative and thrilling method to increase your consumer base and propel your company to new heights. However, it’s crucial to take precautionary steps and a sound shipping strategy before stepping out.

You may even establish yourself as a global leader in your business by increasing your training activities and developing strong relationships with shipping companies like Apex Logistics. If collaborated well, International shipping is a great way to earn handsomely!

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