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International Shipping Company in Toronto

Looking for a reliable international shipping company in Toronto? Look not further. Apex Logistics is your One-stop Shipping & Fulfillment Solution. Simplify your fulfillment and reduce shipping costs.
international shipping company in toronto

International shipping company in Toronto

Shipping a package overseas can be a very stressful process, and there are so many different factors you have to consider. For your business’s shipping process not to become tedious, you should rely on a reputable shipping company with a track record of providing international transport & freight forwarding services.

A reliable, experienced shipping business like Apex Logistics is an excellent choice if you need to handle freight forwarding, international moving, or overseas shipping. With extensive experience in the industry and an expansive network of locations and companies, we can provide you with all the necessary assistance

Comprehensive shipping services

Apex Logistics is one of the most reliable international shipping companies in Canada. We offer a wide range of shipping services to meet your needs, whether you’re shipping to Canada, the United States, or internationally. Our comprehensive shipping services cover many markets worldwide. We maintain good cooperation with major international shipping companies and sign many domestic and international shipping and freight forwarding agreements. We offer competitive rates and top-notch service. Contact us today for a free quote.

Reliable International shipping company in Toronto

Apex’s ocean freight services provide customers with reliable and low-cost options for international cargo transportation (such as NVOCC NVOCCs and freight forwarders).

Customers can obtain flexible and diverse shipping services from Apex Logistics for large-size, long-delivery shipments.

At the same time, customers can get real-time logistics information of the goods, avoiding delays and stranded costs.

Apex provides coastal cargo transportation to different ports around the world.

Air Freight

Apex can ship your goods anywhere in the world with no restriction as to size, weight or mode. Our freight company combines years of experience and an extensive global network to deliver even your most demanding freight service needs. Our team of international freight experts takes out all complexities of international shipping – from handling the customs process to ensuring your shipments reach the destination safely, in time.

Apex Handles 1500+ Charters Annually

APEX dedicated team provides you with all technical support for your charter requirements.

  • Charter Service
  • PO Management
  • Real-time Cargo Tracking
  • Multimodal Vendor Consolidation

Ocean Freight

Apex’s integrated global network keeps your freight moving between countries and continents, fully compliant and documented. Our comprehensive shipping services cover many markets worldwide, and we maintain good cooperation with major international shipping companies and sign many domestic and international shipping and freight forwarding agreements.

Annual Ocean Volumes about 280,000 TEUs

  • Vendor Management
  • PO management to the sub SKU level
  • Pick & Pack
  • Container stuffing
  • Document scanning and upload
  • Full reporting – KPI’s
  • Order fulfillment
  • Cargo unloading and inbound receiving
  • Export container and document processing
  • Transportation Services
  • CFS/CY Consolidation
  • Real-time Cargo Tracking

Ground Freight

Ground freight is another popular, economical option. There is generally a ground freight component in most shipping jobs, but some can be completed entirely by road.