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Priority and Express Customs Clearance

Apex Logistics is your partner in overcoming the customs clearance challenges and providing Solutions for Safe and Easy Global Trade. Contact us for more details.
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Fast and Effective Customs Clearance Solutions for your Imports and Exports

Since 2013, Apex has opened its own customs brokerage service to help our clients solve various customs clearance problems. Apex’s team of experts and advanced systems ensure that your import and export shipments complete the necessary customs declarations accurately and on time.

When shipping internationally, you need to be aware of many things to ensure that your shipment passes through customs without a hitch. Updated with the latest rules and regulations, our team of experts helps you get your shipments cleared smoothly and efficiently, whether by sea, air, or road

Customs Clearance Process

Document inspection.

A customs officer will review all the documents, like export and import license, commercial invoice, customs packing list, exporter and importer details, etc. After this, they will begin the customs clearance process.

Tax and duty calculation.

We can help you calculate import customs duties based on your information while preparing a shipment. This information includes the type of goods being shipped, their declared value, customs laws of the country to which you are shipping, mode of shipping (incoterm), etc.

Payment of taxes and duties

When exporting or importing goods, customs officials will assess which Incoterms apply to your shipment. We will cover all the duties, taxes, and labeling requirements for DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

Release of

When all outstanding taxes and duties are paid, the customs department releases the shipment, which continues to its final destination.

Why choose us?

We provide solutions to save you time, money, and hassle. We help you clear your shipments with ease. We take care of customs clearance procedures such as advising clients in preparing documents related to import and export, preparing an invoice for international shipping, completing appraisement, and examining various procedures and payments. After the formalities with the customs department are completed, we deliver the shipment to the desired destination.

The Ultimate Solution for Import & Customs Clearance.

Apex can tailor and implement low-cost, easy-to-reach solutions for your specific business needs. Our professional services in this area cover customs clearance, compliance, and import and export consulting.

Quality customs clearance services

We offer a vast array of quality custom clearance services to help you ensure your cargo is both legally permissible in destination and origin countries. Our custom clearance services include
  • Cross-border e-commerce § 321 customs clearance
  • Traditional customs service
  • Tariff system classification
  • Bonded business
  • Import Safety Declaration (ISF)
  • Temporary import bonded
  • Customs bonded
  • Remote Customs Document Entry (RLF)
  • ATA certificate
  • Import safety declaration
  • FDA advance notice
  • Customs professional services
  • Evaluation audit
  • C-TPAT qualification and application
  • Importer Self-Assessment (ISA)
  • Foreign trade zone cost-benefit analysis
  • Foreign Trade Zone Application and Activation
  • Customs policy and procedures manual
  • Bonded warehouse application and activation
  • Tax refund service
  • Business import process review and remodeling
  • Deferred, reduced or exempted tariff business
  • Origin mark problem
  • Global Customs Business Consulting
  • Global Customs Business Solutions and Training
  • Global customs valuation
  • Export customs declaration for the first time
  • Bilateral/multilateral agreement