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Leading global logistics company in canada

As the world’s leading logistics service provider, Apex Logistics ranks 7th globally, has 42 branches, and has agency networks and branches in 70 countries.

We’re international freight carriers, and we have a global logistics system built from the ground up with you in mind. We’ve got air, sea, and land transportation options for moving goods between Asia and North America. No matter what modes of transport you prefer for your product’s lifecycle, we’ll find a way to get it there safely without fail.

Supply chain solutions are our expertise, especially in Canada’s seafood, alcohol, cross-border e-commerce, and parallel automotive exports. We have an absolute advantage.

What services are included in logistics?

Choose our logistics services to deliver your goods to the destination safely, conveniently, efficiently, and with confidence! Designed with our latest logistics methods in mind, we can assist you in planning the perfect transportation and logistics services to fit your product goals!

What makes Apex Logistics Canada's best Logistics Company?

We experience unparalleled performance in this sector with our longstanding track record of excellence. We offer an innovative approach tailored specifically to your business’s needs, ensuring a valuable service. If you need your products delivered across Canada with speed, precision, and reliability, give us a call today!

Tailored logistics services

At Apex Logistics, we like to see the best results for our customers. We understand that not all methods are created equal, which is why we have customized solutions to cater specifically to your business needs.

Happy Stories

Apex's fresh shipping is awesome

As a company specializing in fresh food supply, what we value most is the freshness of fresh products such as lobsters. The lobsters transported by Apex company are all fresh when they arrive, and our business is getting more and more prosperous. This is similar to Apex. International logistics is inseparable from the fast, safe and high-quality service.

Darien Wu

Apex warehousing system is convenient

As a large catering chain company, in order to maintain the uniformity of the style of the stores around the world, our tables, chairs, lamps and tableware are collected and purchased from different locations in China. Apex provides us with collection and warehousing services in different regions, for us Saved a lot of event and capital costs, thank you very much!
Mandy Sun

Apex cross-border door-to-door service in place

I have been working with Apex for several years, and their logistics services and quality are well-known in the industry. As a cross-border e-commerce business, it is really important to find an international logistics company like Apex that has a “door-to-door” global service, and Apex has a wealth of The international customs clearance experience has solved our worries!

Alex Nabrinski